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Sayyid Qutb and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Imam and Shaikh, Hasan Ma’mun,[1] head of Al-Azhar, made the following query to a marja`: What do we understand about Sayyid Qutb and his works, particularly Milestones (Ar. Ma`alam Fit-Tariq)? The answer given by the marja`, Imam Muhammad `Abdul … Continue reading

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The High Ranking Saints and the Ahadith on Them

The following question was brought forward regarding the High Ranking Saints who have both temporal and spiritual authority: As-Salaamu `Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuhu, I ask that Allah give you a long life and much blessing in it. I also … Continue reading

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How the Maraji` Reach Conclusions on New Issues

An interviewer asked the following question: Noble Shaikh, what madhhab in fiqh do you give rulings on when there is a new issue?   Imam Yasin At-Turki al-Heeti, may Allah preserve him, gave the following reply: On new issues, I … Continue reading

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Are the Muslim Majority Countries Dar ul-Harb?

1) Imam Shams ud-Din Ibn Muflih (d. 763 AH), made the following remark about the classification of different countries: Every abode in which the laws of the Muslims are dominant over it is known as Dar ul-Islam; and if the … Continue reading

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