Selling Impermissible Things to Make a Living

The following question was put forward by one of the Muslims of Kazan, Russia by the name of `Abdul Karim ibn Damanla Muhammad Sadiq al-`Uthmani al-Qarghali on the date of 12 Dhul Hijjah 1331 AH:

Is it permissible to take earnings from impermissible things like intoxicants and such for the purpose of earning money alone?


The answer given by the marja`, Imam `Abdul Qadir ibn Badran ad-Dumi (d. 1346 AH), is as follows below:

It is not permissible to do this as Allah the Exalted, when he made something impermissible, he made the profits, earning, trade and acting as a broker in that thing impermissible as well.

Taken from Al-Mawahib ur-Rabbaniyyah: fil Ajwibati `an As’ilat il-Qazaniyyah, pp. 191-192

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