Commemoration of the Mawlid

A question was put to the marja`:

There has come to my attention a booklet by the esteemed shaykh[1] Ibn Baz around the following issues of the celebration of the Mawlid of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, the 15th of Sha`ban or the beginning of Muharram, which is the first month of the Hijrah calendar of the Muslims.

This man stated that all of that all of these things are innovations. So what is your ruling on these matters and what do you say?


The marja`, Imam Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan al-Bouti, may Allah have mercy upon him, gave the following reply:

Celebration of the noble birth of the Prophet is a gathering that has a religious basis bearing a great benefit, as long as it is devoid of any blameworthy practices. The legitimacy of this matter can be compared to the legitimacy of the celebration by the Saudi government of 100 years of existence since the death of Muhammad ibn `Abdul Wahhab.

If the celebration of the birth of the Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is an innovation that is impermissible, then the celebration of Muhammad ibn `Abdul Wahhab and mentioning him – which was commemorated a number of years ago – is a blameworthy innovation to a greater degree.[2]

[1] A difference is often made by the translator between the words “shaykh” and “shaikh.” The latter refers either to an elder in the community or someone well versed in Revealed Law while the former refers to all false teachers and prophets that are mouth pieces or partisans for the cults.

[2] Taken from Ma’ An-Nas: Mashurat wa Fatawa [مع الناس مشورات و قتاوى] (Damascus: Dar Al-Fikr, 1423/2003), vol.2 pp. 202-203.


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