Announcement: The Death of Imam Yasin At-Turki Al-Heeti

The late Iraqi Marja`

The Muslim World was recently greatly bereaved by the loss of one of the grand marja’ people of Iraq, namely, Imam Yasin ibn Turki ibn Jasim At-Turki Al-Heeti Al-Hanbali.

The statement from Imam `Abdul Malik As-Sa`di, a close personal friend of the Imam, read as follows,

1 Shawwal 1435

Statement on the Death of the Learned Scholar, the Shaikh Yasin At-Turki Al-Hanbali, may Allah have mercy upon him:

Praise be to Allah, the One who there is no praise due to anyone besides Him. Peace and blessings be upon our Master, the one who was chosen by Him, his family and his Companions and anyone who follows him.

As for what comes next,

Allah the Exalted has said,

Among men are those who were truthful in the covenant that they made to Allah. Among them are those who fulfilled their vows.

Among them are those who are awaiting their appointed time. (Surat ul-Ahzab (33), ayah 23).

The people of Heet have lost one of the treasures, one of the treasures of knowledge and the best of its’ scholars, none other than Shaikh Yasin Turki Jasim who was of sound and incisive knowledge and gentle in delivery and dissemination of it.

He spent his life in the service of knowledge and its’ seekers and utilised the varied means of calling to Allah the Exalted, such as by way of speeches, preaching and lectures and he carried on in this way until he breathed his last.

He was one of the heads of the Scholars Guild of Anbar Province as well as a teacher of the Revealed Law Sciences and Arabic Language in the seminaries of `Imarah.

He was the preacher and teacher of the `Uthman ibn `Affan Central Masjid in Heet until his final days. May Allah show him good for his deeds, shower him with His Mercy and give him a spacious home in His Gardens.

Likewise, we ask Allah that He Recompense the Muslims that took from His Guidance and that He also give the family and loved ones of the Shaikh patience in this difficult hour. Indeed Allah is the All Hearing, the One who Answers Supplications.

Here is a clip from his funeral.

Funeral of the Iraqi Marja` Imam Yasin Al-Hanbali

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