The Method for Making Up Prayers

The following question was asked of a marja`:

I am a thirty year old lady and in the past I had been negligent in making all of the five daily prayers when I was younger. Whenever I make one of the five daily prayers in its’ time, thereafter, I make up the same prayer that I missed as well.

I do this throughout the day until by the end of the day, I have done five daily prayers for the day and made up the prayers missed as well.

Is this action acceptable in the sight of Allah or am I not obliged to make up the prayers? Thank you very much and may Allah reward you with every good end.


The marja,` Imam `Abdur-Rahman Ash-Shami, may Allah preserve him, answered with what follows:

What you are doing is actually very good. But I would say the best thing to do is that every day to make up two or three days of prayers using the same method. I say this so that way you will complete what is due upon you sooner rather than later.

Taken from the website of the maraji` 

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