Valid Reasons for Cutting the Beard

The following question was asked of a marja`:

What is the ruling on shaving the beard without a valid reason in the Revealed Law? What would be the ruling on plucking hair away from the cheeks or removing it with a razor in the following circumstances?

  1. There is an upright man with a beard but he wants to remove some of the hair as part of general upkeep and hygiene regarding the beard.
  2. Someone has a beard but wants to beautify it, so he is removing some hair to accomplish the goal.
  3. A man shaves the beard for a valid reason in the Revealed Law
  4. Another man shaves the beard without a valid reason in the Revealed Law

Finally, what is the ruling on shaving some of the beard and leaving a part of it? What I mean by this is that I would like to know the ruling on the goatee?

The marja,` Imam `Abdur-Rahman Ash-Shami, may Allah preserve him, answered with what follows:

It is impermissible to shave the beard according to the vast majority of the scholars of fiqh. If it was shaved on account of some real and dire emergency,[1] then there is no harm in that. What you have referred to as the goatee is not permissible to be done to the beard.

As for men plucking hair from their faces, then this is not permitted either unless it becomes bushy and unkempt. In that case it would be permissible to clip or cut it.

When discussing men cutting hair on the face according to certain customary habits or trends, then this is disliked as has been discussed by the leading figures of the Hanbali School.

Taken from the website of the maraji`

[1] Ar. darurah haqiqiyyah.

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