A Husband Sleeping in the Bedroom with His Wife

A query was sent to the marja`:

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Dear Shaikh,

What is the ruling in the Revealed Law regarding the husband sleeping in the sitting room or next to the television in the living room and not sleeping in the bedroom. I ask as this bothers his wife and she has come and sought him many times, saying that it is compulsory for him to sleep in the bed with her in the bedroom.

His response is that he is not obliged to sleep next to anyone along with the fact that he gives his wife her rights according to the Revealed Law. What is the truth in this regard? May Allah reward you with every good.


The marja`, Imam `Abdur-Rahman Ash-Shami, may Allah preserve him, gave the following reply:

The husband is indeed not obligated to sleep in the room; but for the sake of himself if he sleeps in the bedroom then this is more pure and noble for his wife’s regard and mind and it will also put love and tenderness between them.

taken from the website of the maraji`

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