Imam Hasan Al-Lubadi

1325-1402 AH

One of the Maraji` of Sham

He is Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn `Abdullah Al-Laawi Al-Lubadi. The Imam was born in the hamlet of Kafr Al-Lubad in the district of Al-Karam (today’s Tulkaram) in the year 1325 AH and was raised there. At a young age, the Imam completed the Qur’an, some books of hadith and fiqh with the legenday marja` and scholar of the hamlet, Imam `Abdul Ghani ibn Yasin al-Lubadi.

Although Shaikh Hasan loved the other scholars that he had learned from and valued and cherished their righteousness, it was the closeness to Imam `Abdul Ghani al-Lubadi that grew in his heart. Coming from the city of Kafr al-Lubad, this hamlet was known for being a place where scholars and shaikhs were produced. Their fame and knowledge reached places such as Makkah, Damascus and Halab even though Kafr Al-Lubad is in Palestine.

The Imam moved on and studied further at the University of Nablus and finished his work in the year 1358 AH. Leaving the school, he became an imam, teacher of a number of sciences among the towns and villages of Palestine and the eastside of Jordan.

This would be faithful year as there was a massive battle that erupted between the British Colonial forces in Palestine and the Muslims of the area and this led to the death of a police officer and a number of others present.

The marja` was headed to infamous `Akka (Acre) prison and they wanted him to spend his natural life there and die alone. However due to his rank, the protests of the scholars and the risk of insurrection, the shaikh had a reduced sentence and was ultimately released some time later.

Imam Hasan al-Lubadi died in the year 1402 AH, was gathered to his people and buried straight away.

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