Imam Salih ash-Shami

One of the Maraji` of Sham

b. 1351 AH

He is Salih ibn Ahmad ibn Salih ash-Shami ad-Dumi al-Hanbali. He was born in the year 1351 AH in the noble hamlet of Duma – the land of the marja` people of Sham – and began his first studies with his father, Imam Ahmad Ash-Shami – who was a marja` in his own time.

The first studies of Imam Salih were connected with Qur’an, Hadith, fiqh and the affairs of the heart. The same curriculum his father learned was administered to him and he responded favorably and then headed to other institutions to continue his work.

The Imam attended the same school as his younger brother, the marja` Imam `Abdur-Rahman ash-Shami and then upon graduation went back to teaching in Duma and was granted marja`iyyah not long after founded an institution.

Notable rulings

The Imam is known for his conservative stance on social issues and has acted responsibly, warning parents from sending children to the schools of the unbelievers.

He has further used his time showing the cracks in Darwinism, dialectical materialism, the two wings of the secularist movement – namely socialism and naked Americanism.

Imam Salih later moved to the Arabian Peninsula to do more teaching and try to disseminate more knowledge among the normally spiritually dry Saudis. The effort worked and the Imam has been a guest on many television programmes discussing the principles surrounding hadith.

As the author or editor of more than 100 books, the Imam has sought to write in a concise and pleasant manner so as to encourage rather than castigate the reader.

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