Imam Murabit al-Hajj

Born possibly circa. 1310 AH ?


He is ِAl-Murabit al-Hajj Sidi Muhammad ibn Salik Ould Fahfu al-Masumi as-Sinhaji ash-Shanqiti al-Maliki

I had stated the following quote before when I made a biography of the man: Most certainly, if he is not THE Shaikh ul-Islam of the age, then he most assuredly should be classed as one of them and one of the major Imams of the Muslims. He has generally been called the `Alim of the Scholars, the Maker of Scholars.

Early Life and Learning

Born and raised in the West African country of Mauritania, he completed his schooling in the 18 sciences of the Revealed Law at an early age. His hard work in memorising the Qur’an resulted in him knowing all ten variants in addition to the six sahih collections and their variations.

Notable Rulings

He has written a book on commentary of Al-Ajurumiyyah that is influential and also the issue of following madhhabs, its’ necessity and the kufr of the one who truly knows that he is not a mujtahid and tries to derive rulings. He has penned numerous fatawa but is more widely known by people that visit him from five of the seven continents and seek his advice on global matters.

The fatwa given by him on the Iraq war and it being a symptom of the sins of the people was not met with welcome by those in an age of self-glorification and cannot admit that some tribulations are due to sins.

Current Activities

His school in Mauritania, where the now 95+ year-old sage still teaches from to this day, has had some more than 30,000 qadis and muftis pass through it over the years. He is one great `alim of the age and we ask that Allah cause us to benefit from his rank.

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