Imam Mustafa Al-Bugha

b. 1354 AH

One of the Maraji` of Sham

He is Mustafa Dib al-Bugha al-Maidani Ad-Dimashqi ash-Shafi`ii. Born in the year 1354 AH, in the district of Maidan in the city of Damascus, he was sent to an adult learning institute at a young age of twenty one years of age due to his brilliance, the very institute established by Shaikh Hasan Habanakah al-Maidani.

After this, he headed to an institute in Damascus and was there for four years and left in the year 1379 AH after graduation and moved onto the Azhar University in Egypt. He specialised in Comparative Fiqh and the methods used in judging evidence by different madhhabs.

Teachers of the Imam include Imams Hasan Habanakah al-Maidani and his students, Khairu Yasin al-Maidani, Hani al-Mubarak, Hussain Khattab, Muhammad Kurayyim Rajih while he was in Damascus.

Other teachers in the sciences of the Revealed Law, in both Egypt and Sham, include Mustafa as-Siba`ii, Muhammad al-Mubarak, Mazin al-Mubarak, Muhammad Amin al-Masri, `Umar al-Hakim, Wahbi Sulaiman, Ghawji al-Albani, Muhammad Ash-Shama` and Muhammad al-Muntasar al-Kattani.

Those who had the most profound influence on the Imam were his teachers Muhammad Kurayyim Rajih and Hasan Habanakah, both maraji` in their own right.

Imam Mustafa Al-Bugha has authored and commented upon numerous books on numerous areas in fiqh and is well respected throughout the Muslim world for his deep knowledge and charisma in discussing intricate matters.

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