Imam Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Bouti


One of the Maraji` of Sham

b. 1368 AH

He is Muhammad Tawfiq Ramadan ibn Muhammad Sa`id Ramadan ibn Mulla Ramadan Al-Bouti Ad-Dimashqi Ash-Shami Ash-Shafi`ii

Born into a family of scholars, both his father and grandfather were marja`. His first teacher was his father and it was with him that he started studies of the Qur’an, commentary and fiqh.

Between the years of 1390-1394 AH, he studied in the University of Revealed Law in Damascus and obtained teachings licenses in Law and the Arabic language.

His entrance into teaching was early on and until the year 1409 AH, he was teaching fiqh and other disciplines to students. The Imam somehow balances his time between teaching others and continuing his studies with other teachers.

In the years 1412 AH, he completed two high level degree, one from the Imam Al-Awza`ii University in Beirut Lebanon and another one later in the year from the University of Revealed Law in Damascus.

Both degrees were in fiqh and he also did some teaching while at the University in Damascus. Five years later, in the years 1417 AH, he obtained yet another qualification in Fiqh and Usul ul-Fiqh in Damascus and started teaching.

Imam Muhammad Tawfiq Al-Bouti has been the head teacher at a number of locations such as Kuwait, Yemen, Malaysia, France, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United States as well as `Uman.

He has been speaker and chair at events throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and Yemen which were centred around particular rulings in the Shafi`ii school.

After the assassination of his father on 10 Jumada Al-Uwla 1433 AH, he was declared successor to him a number of weeks later. Currently, he is teaching in Damascus and shuttling back and forth to Jordan in order to assist high level students.

In addition to this, he is also one of a panel of maraji` from Sham featured on the website naseemalsham, which posts answers on all matters of Islam for the benefit of the laity among the Muslims.

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