Imam Muhammad `Illish

One of Imam `Illish's text books.

One of Imam `Illish’s text books.

1217-1299 AH

He is Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad `Illish. The great Imam was born in Cairo in the year 1217 AH,  although his origin his Moroccan. He memorised the Qur’an at a young age in the Al-Azhar institution.

His great study and wisdom brought him to the level that eventually he was declared the marja` of the Maliki scholars. He came to clash with Muhammad `Abduh during the period of secularization of the Al-Azhar University by the British overlord, Evelyn Baring, known as Lord Cromer.

Imam `Illish left behind a number of works that reach some ten or twelve books. He died in a military hospital in the year 1299 AH, immediately after the `Urabi Revolt that began the earthquake of changes that would later lead to the Free Officers Revolution that brought Communism to Egypt.

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