Previous Marja People

The following list is of past Maraji` and their biographies. The aim of this list was to show the scholars and a biography of them along with a photo if it was available. Therefore, we have endeavoured to show past Maraji` starting from the period where photography was known.

In the event where photography was not present or we did not have a picture of them, then we will include a picture of the city that they hail from or a picture of their grave, this being done only as a means of connecting Muslims to these figures as real people grounded in history.

Most Maraji` only have identity photos, which explains the quality or the expression of the Marja` in the photo, as most of them despise photography and media of this type. Most other of them are incidental in which they were taken either without their permission or during lectures or other events where filming was being done.

The period of previous Maraji` runs from 1237-1417 AH

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