Imam Rushdi Al-Qalam


b. 1376 AH

One of the Maraji` of Sham

He is Rushdi Salim Al-Qalam. Born in Damascus in the year 1376 AH (AD 1955).

Early Life and Learning

The Imam began his studies in the Madrasah of the late Imam, Hasan Al-Habbannakah and learned from some of the students of the founder of the school, who include:

Shaikh Sadiq Al-Habbannakah, the brother of Imam Hasan, Shaikh Hussain Khattab, `Abdul Qadir Barakah, Shaikh Kurayyim Rajih.

This is the same Shaikh Rajih who is himself marja` and is also the head of all Qur’an reciters in Sham.

Upon completion of his programme of studies and hard work, Imam Al-Qalam then began acting as a teacher in the masjids of Damascus and Hawran.

Current Activities

He also is a frequent guest at secondary schools and higher level seminaries and law schools, teaching mostly in Damascus.

His main points of focus in high level classes are fiqh, usul, sirah, inheritance, grammar and morphology and syntax.

The Imam’s daily schedule is extremely busy and often exceeds some twenty lessons. His weekly place of preaching on Friday is in the city of Al-Midan in the Central Masjid of `Abdullah ibn Rawahah. He has been in the post since 1405 AH (AD 1980).

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