Imam Ahmad Hasan


b. 1389 AH

 One of the Maraji` of Sham

He is Ahmad Hasan Ash-Shami Ash-Shafi`ii. Born in the year 1389 AH in the governorate of Al-Haskanah, he started out his early life studying the religion with well trained teachers and scholars of repute.

Education and Early Life

In the year 1411 AH, he received permission to teach comparative fiqh, usul ul-fiqh from the University of Revealed Law in Damascus while in 1415 AH he obtained his graduation degree from the same university.

Later on in the year 1417 AH, he would receive another certificate followed by another in 1421 AH showing his mastery and graduating with honours on the topic. His subjects of mastery were comparative fiqh, usul ul-fiqh and foundations of Revealed Law.

Books and Scholarly Researches

Imam Ahmad Hasan has put together a number of pertinent researches on timely topics and subjects, such as the following:

Notes and Papers on Currency in Islamic Economics – Value and Rulings

Lectures in Comparative Fiqh

Loans – Reality and Their Rulings

 Current Activities

He is part of a panel at the University of Revealed Law in Damascus and teacher in Transactions and Economics in Islam for phD graduate level students.

He is the overseer in Revealed Law matters at the Islamic Bank of Sham.

In addition to this, he answers questions on a panel of maraji` that are posted on line.

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