Imam Muhammad `Arbash


b. 1346 

One of the Maraji` of Sham

He is Abu Muhammad Muhammad ibn `Ali ibn Muhammad `Arbash Al-Hanbali Ad-Dumi Ash-Shami

Born in the year 1346, he learned reading and writing in the local kuttab in Duma and began memorising the Qur’an not long after that.

His first teacher was his father, Shaikh `Arbash Ad-Dumi, who taught him the recitation of Hafs from `Asim. After this, he memorised the two books of tajwid, Muqaddimah Al-Jazariyyah by Imam Muhammad Al-Jazari and Tuhfat ul-Atfal by Imam Sulaiman Al-Jamzuri.

He further read to him the science of hadith and Arabic grammar and then went on to keep the company of the marja`, Imam Faris Siraiwil and benefited from him greatly. He did a completion of the Qur’an with him and the texts of tajwid again.

After this, he headed to the grand marja`, Imam Muhammad Kurayyim Rajih and recited to him and received permission to narrate Hafs from `Asim. He was the Imam of prayer in the Central Majid of Abur-Ruhaj and recited the Qur’an therein between Maghrib and `Isha’ prayers.

Many people learned Qur’an from him and increased in their good. The Imam continued his quest for knowledge and sat with august teachers such as Abu Ratib Siraiwil, Abu Mustafa Az-Zuhairi and Tahsin Khabiyyah.

As of late, the Imam has been plagued with illness but has pulled through. Although late in his career as a marja`, he is respected by one and all.

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