Imam `Abdul Majid As-Saghir


1325-1418 AH

One of the Maraji` of Sham

He is `Abdul Majid ibn Muhammad ibn `Abdul Majid Al-Hanbali As-Saghir

Born in the hamlet of Duma to a noble family, they are referred to as ‘The Family of `Abdul Majid.’ His father was a noble man and had some illness in his early life but was always anxious for his son to die up until his death.

Now an orphan, the Imam continued under the care of his mother, the noble Fatimah bint Yusuf Bubis as well as his maternal grandfather. This grandfather saw to it that he had the best education and manners in upbringing.

Imam `Abdul Majid began his education at the Madrasah Ghazi and continued until the year  fourth class level. After this, he met his first teacher, the grand Imam Mahmud As-Sayyid, who taught Arabic, dhikr, manners and purification of the heart.

In addition to being an outstanding pupil, Imam `Abdul Majid was also friends with the future marja`, Imam Ahmad Ash-Shami. Besides this teacher, Imam `Abdul Majid studied with Shaikhs Muhammad Al-Hashimi At-Talmasani, Muhammad Badr ud-Din Al-Hasani and Mahmud Al-`Attar, may Allah have mercy upon all of them.

Imam `Abdul Majid As-Saghir was universally recognised for his piety, righteousness, nobility and scrupulous adherence to the Sunnah. He had been declared as marja` by his previous teachers but also Hussam ud-Din Al-Farfur.

The Imam went about starting two societies for education and learning and was energetic in seeing that the people were sustained and tutored in the fundamentals and advanced areas of the faith.

After a life of dedication, learning, teaching and learning, he would breathe his last and be buried on a Thursday in the year 1418 AH by his people in the hamlet of Duma.

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