Imam Faris Siraiwil


1321-1414 AH

One of the Maraji` of Sham

He is Faris ibn `Abdul Baqi Siraiwil Al-Hanbali Ad-Dumi. He was born in the hamlet of Duma in the year 1321 to a good family and as per customer was sent by his father to the local kuttab school to learn.

This entailed learning to read and write, followed by memorising the Qur’an. From an early age, he showed a great love for learning, so much so that he was sent to Madrasah Ash-Shumaisatiyyah.

Once enrolled, Imam Faris delved deeply into the Revealed Law and studied intently, his chief teacher at the time being the grand marja`, Imam Mustafa Ash-Shatti. After that, he studied with Imam Tawfiq As-Suyuti (a relation to Imam Mustafa As-Suyuti Ar-Ruhaibani and marja` in his own right).

In terms of grammar, rhetoric and logic, he also studied with Shaikh Abul Khair Al-Maidani, studied the rules of Qur’an, implementation of its’ rulings and laws of cantillation with Shaikh Muhammad Salim Al-Halwani. He completed the canonical readings of Hafs from `Asim, Qalun from Nafi` and Warsh from Nafi`.

He wanted to complete more but upon the death of his teacher, Imam Faris headed back to Duma and decided to teach in great numbers. Now a marja`, he started teaching in the grand masjid in Duma, focusing on teaching Manar us-Sabil Sharh ud-Dalil for fiqh, Al-Ajrumiyyah for Arabic grammar and also Qur’an and their recitations.

Among his students were laymen, preachers, Imams and Maraji` in waiting, particularly Imams Sa`id Mustafa Az-Zuhairi, Abu Mahmud `Arbash and Tahsin Khabiyyah.

After years of service and having prepared maraji` to take his place, Imam Faris was laid to rest in Duma in the year 1414 AH and was mourned by his people.

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