Imam Muhammad Sa`id Badran


1343-1434 AH

One of the Maraji` of Sham

He is Muhammad Sa`id ibn Muhammad Badran Ad-Dumi Al-Hanbali

Born in the year 1343 in Duma in Syria, he was raised in a noble family that was faithful and upright. His father sent him to the kuttab when he gained six years and he learned to read, write and recite the Qur’an with Shaikh Salih Badran.

When he reached ten years of age, he had memorised the entire Qur’an from the narration of Hafs from `Asim. After that, he kept the company of the Shaikh Ahmad `Abdul Majid, who is also known as As-Sa`ati. He recited the entire Qur’an to him again and memorised texts on tajwid before heading to Dar ul-Hadith when he was 20 years old.

Upon entrance into the Dar ul-Hadith in Damascus, he kept the company of the Shaikh, the hadith scholar, the scholar of fiqh, Ahmad Quwaidir As-Samadaih.

With this Shaikh, Imam Badran read to him the six books of hadith, Arabic grammar, fiqh based on Dalil ut-Talib by Imam Al-Karmi (d. 1033 AH) as well as other sciences.

When the shaikh of Imam Badran died suddenly, he returned back to Duma and studied with some of the scholars of fiqh there and in particular spent most of his time with the marja` scholars Imams Ahmad Ash-Shami, `Abdul Majid `Abdul Majid and `Abdul Qadir Al-Hattawi.

After a period of study, he was declared as marja` and told to teach and spread the knowledge. Imam Badran did just this and took the following students to assist him in his endeavours:

`Abdul Karim Badran, the son of the Imam and Muhammad Badran, the son of `Abdul Karim. Known for his piety, Imam Muhammad Sa`id Badran in his lifetime made 35 hajjs and when he died, the people of Duma mourned for him greatly.

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