Imam `Abdul `Aziz As-Samara’ii

1335-1394 AH

One of the Maraji` of Iraq

He is Shaikh `Abdul `Aziz Salim as-Samara’ii.

He was a bedrock of knowledge in his time in Iraq, born in the year 1335 AH  in the city of Samarra’. He studied as a youth and attended the Madrasat al-Asifiyyat ish-Shari`yyah in Fallujah. This local school was involved heavily in the spreading of knowledge and guiding the Slaves of Allah in numerous disciplines and making scholars.

 His Output

The Shaikh left behind many books and authored texts, lessons, exhortations and such in all fields. This has left him so that he is remembered in the hearts of all the people. He visited one of the great shaikhs, Shaikh Muhammad ibn Ahmad an-Nabahan al-Halabi, when he came to Iraq in the year 1380 AH.

The first visit of Shaikh an-Nabahan to Iraq brought into attendance numerous people, some of whom included Shaikh as-Samara’ii, Al-Hajj Muhammad `Abdullah al-Fayad, Shaikh Mahmud Mahawish al-Kabisi, Shaikh Hamid al-Mulla Huwaish, Shaikh `Abdul Wadud  Rashid.

He then went to Halab to visit the Shaikh and this happened five times in five years and he always stayed with the Shaikh of Halab and his students.

Shaikh Muhammad `Abdullah al-Fayad had a great impact upon the great Shaikh An-Nabahan and he stayed with Shaikh an-Nabahan as much as he could and took knowledge from him. It was widely believed that Shaikh an-Nabahan was one of the Renewers of the Faith of his time and that Shaikh as-Samara’ii would follow close behind.

 Final Years

Shaikh as-Samara’ii was in Fallujah one day when Shaikh an-Nabahan came and visited in the year 1390 AH. Shaikh as-Samara’ii was in the hospital in Baghdad due to an ailment with his feet. He was being served by some of his students and looked after. Some of them included Shaikh Muhammad Mutlaq `Ubaid, Shaikh Ayyub Muhammad al-Fayad.

The Shaikh recovered and his health was in good steed until 1394 AH. when he came out, took ill again and died shortly afterward in the city of Samarra,’ the very place of his youth. We ask that Allah bless this mountain of knowledge and ennoble him with great rewards.

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